Jhene Erwin is a writer and filmmaker. She lives in Seattle, Washington, with her seven-year-old daughter. Jhene’s beloved husband, Roger, died of brain cancer on February 17, 2012.

In 2011 Erwin’s acclaimed ten minute short film The House I Keep, screened at film festivals nation wide. A story of transformation about a young mother’s emotional struggle to come to terms with her miscarriage, actor/director Bruce McCulloch (Kids in the Hall, Carpoolers) has hailed the film as “a work of quiet genius.” Jhene’s own experiences with miscarriage helped to inform the film’s narrative. The film will be distributed by IndieFlix late in June 2012. Her late husband served as the film’s executive producer and appears on screen alongside her.

A graduate of Ryerson Theatre School, Erwin has played both staring and supporting roles in various films and television series, including the lead in the feature film The Fishing Trip, that premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival. For The Fishing Trip. Jhene received glowing reviews in numerous publications including Variety, Cineaction Magazine, and The Toronto Star. In the Family Channel’s M.O.W., Night of the Twisters, she also played a lead role. For Janice Gamble’s story on CBCs The Scales of Justice, Jhene held the title role playing the first woman in Canada to be convicted of first-degree murder. She appeared as Joanna Stubbins on the hit television series, Psych, as the attorney Snyder in the feature film Crimes of the Past. She was also a regular, playing Bess Marvin, on the New Line television series Nancy Drew. As a regular on the CBC television series, Liberty Street, she played the resident bad girl, Teena Siracusa.

Jhene is a published poet (Onyx Anthology of Spoken Word,) whose writing landed her a demo deal with EMI London collaborating with DJ Wai Wan. She has since independently released two spoken word-trip hop hybrid CDs. The single That Kind of Boy, was chosen for Ars Novas Hottest Independent Artists: Electronic/Dance, CD and These Thoughts, hit the top 20 on American Idol Underground.

Jhene co-created and optioned a reality TV show to the Los Angeles based, production company, Grainy Pictures and was the writing assistant to David Hayter, whose screen writing credits include the X-men and Watchmen. Able to work in both Canada and the US, she is developing several other projects from her home in Seattle, WA.

For more on Jhene Erwin visit her website. 

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